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Cows and Bulls game


Players must enter a string of four numbers into a text field in an attempt to guess a hidden number. If one of their digits is in the correct place it’s a ‘bull’, if it exists in the hidden number but is in the wrong place it’s a ‘cow’. The hidden number doesn’t contains any duplicate digits.

Download the game here 😁

Random Password Generator


A simple Macintosh application to generate random password. User can choose the length of the password and whether special characters have to be included.

Download the application here.

Installation Instruction:

Uncompress the downloaded file, copy to your Application folder (open Finder, and press Shift+Command+A to open the Application folder with shortcut key), and double click to run it.

If you see a message window below, just click “Open”.

If you still have any installation problem, kindly send to the email address below, and you need a QR reader to “decode” the QR code. Yes, I am serious 😋