Haven’t use a Windows machine to load any CD from the CD-ROM drive (the D: drive, yes not a smiling face 😛) for almost 10 years, or more. I don’t remember. Here is a nice article to read,

The common belief is that wisdom teeth existed when humans had larger jaws and needed wisdom teeth to grind down tough plants for food. Unfortunately as humans evolved (although some insist on staying as backwards as possible), the human jaw got smaller but wisdom teeth still remained. When wisdom teeth don’t have enough room, they can cause problems, which is why dentists extract wisdom teeth.

At one time, wisdom teeth served a purpose. Now they’re just a nuisance at best. Yet when you look around the computer world, you can find plenty of archaic vestiges of the past that once had a purpose but make no sense for today just like wisdom teeth.

Ask new computer users why hard disks in Windows are labeled the C: drive and they’ll likely have no clue. Yet even as late as Windows 8.1, you can still see drives labeled as C: or D: drives. Logically, someone might wonder what ever became of A: and B: drives, but if they weren’t around during the early days of PCs, they might never know the answer.

— Wallace Wang “Answering Anti-Apple Critics

I grown up with a 386, bought in 1992/1993. First running with a Windows 3.1 and then my cousin introduced the new Windows 3.11 and got it installed in my 386 as well. All the days with Windows was gaming. Lots of RPG games, and nothing about utilizing computer for productivity works, sadly. Then Internet came, and single RPG game became online multi-player RPG games; oh and blogging on Geocities (which is only available in Japan now 😅), or creating some crappy static HTML web pages for fun, sort of.

And then, one day, I can’t remember how I got into this, I got to know Linux from somewhere I don’t remember anymore. Perhaps some computer magazines, or through the Internet? It was a Red Hat 5, and a lots of thing didn’t work out from the box, you have to learn how to install different device drivers (esp. on a laptop) to get your peripherals work, but it was fun. From Red Hat, I wandered into some other distros as well — SUSE, Mandrake, Debian, Slackware, Gentoo, etc. And all of this Linux distros are still exists, that’s cool, isn’t it?

One thing that I remember well is I never go back to Windows since then. Linux becomes my workstation operating system from the day we knew each other 😍

Once you get to know more, you will eager to find out more, this is normal behavior of a human. Therefore’s it is not surprise that I also tried FreeBSD, OpenBSD, for fun. And eventually, all this lead to my first Macintosh. Apple is not cheap, but once you found the beauties lies within it, it worth. It gave me the power of Linux + incredible beautiful UI interfaces, sadly to say, compare to all hackings with Gnome or KDE or XFCE whatever (no offense). Of course, macOS is a commercial product develop by paid engineers, not some hobbyist work; but still amazing it can be such piece of beautiful art.

But, things change. We won’t know what a macOS will looks like in another two years, five years or ten years. So, appreciate what you have, and thank you for the brilliant minds behind those. Thanks.