According to Top Bananas‘s post — The Rumored ARM-based Macintosh,

That means the future isn’t an ARM-based Macintosh but a more powerful iPad that’s more powerful than a Macintosh. Forcing every Mac user to switch to an ARM-based Mac makes far less sense if the future of computing is the iPad. The iPad is getting more powerful and essentially mimics the Microsoft Surface tablets. When iOS gets more powerful to the point where iPads are more powerful than Windows PCs, that’s the point where the Macintosh will be irrelevant.

The long-term future isn’t the Macintosh but the iPad. That means there won’t be a need for an ARM-based Macintosh because it’s already evolving in the form of the iPad. The future is the iPad. The past is the Macintosh and Windows PCs.

History is always fascinating 🙃