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#1 1.8 Welcome to the Algorithm

#2 1.9 The neural-network school has been so dominant that other ideas have been all but left behind…

#3 1.10 The A.I revolution won’t just be feminine – it will be powered by women

#4 1.11 …Even the very best algorithms lack the ability to use common sense, or abstract concepts, to refine their interpretation of the world as humans do

#5 1.12 The patient was gasping for breath because his heart wasn’t beating, and the AI recognized the pattern

#6 1.16 “I think what we have right now is good. In couple of years, [AI] will be very good. In above five years, it will be excellent. And in 10 years it will be impossible to work without it.”

#7 1.17 We need to scale AI out to more people.

#8 1.18 Machine learning could transform how doctors work, making them smarter, more efficient, and less error-prone. Yet doctors themselves… typically remain dead set against a machine telling them what to do.